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To ensure more accurate results, please ONLY answer if you know (or think you know) the answer! There are 40 questions in total (approximately 15-20 minutes).

Pour une estimation plus précise de votre niveau, merci de répondre SEULEMENT aux questions dont vous connaissez (ou pensez connaître) la réponse! Il y a 40 questions au total (environ 15-20 minutes).


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What's his job?
Which sentence is correct?
That man over there, what's ... name?
What did you do yesterday?
Which sentence is correct?
Which sentence is correct?
What are you doing?
Which sentence is correct?
I've got ... to give to the monkeys.
Mount Everest is ... mountain in the world.
I'll ring you as soon as I ...
Please could you give me ... ?
Your letter ...
I've lived here ... ten years
It's the best film I ...
How much are these apples?
... open the door for you?
Her eyes are the same ... her mother's.
... for her birthday.
Would you mind ... the window?
My friend John, ... lives in London, is a doctor.
... that he liked chocolates.
He came to the party, ... he hadn't been invited.
Susan will pass her exam if she ...
The success of the programme ...
He ... in his homework.
I ... for a long time, when I noticed the strange noise.
He's been to the USA, ... ?
Tom would have caught the bus if he ... to the bus stop.
I wish I ... a dog! I love them!
If you don't want to get fat, you'd better ... so much chocolate.
By this time next year, I ... in this office for ten years.
It's not difficult for me to drive in England because I ... on the left.
I was surprised to find that my wife wasn't at home. 'She ... shopping', I thought.
Can you tell me ... ?
I will never ... them to take my child away from me.
If I ... that you were looking for a job, I would have recommended you to the director.
He'll soon ... his disappointment and be quite cheerful again by the morning.
He ... criticism for his delayed response to the catastrophe.

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