Language Coaching for All Levels


  • Start from scratch
  • Build on to what you already know
  • Brush up or polish your skills

Levels based on international standards (A1-C2)

– Different Focuses –


To help you communicate in any daily life situations. For relocation, integration, residency or naturalization purposes. To prepare for a trip or simply for the fun of learning a new language.

Exam Preparation

To help you prepare for a school or university exam. To coach you before you sit an official language exam. Sitting an internationally recognized language examination, what for and which one?  Contact us for info. 


To help you participate in meetings more actively, make and deliver presentations, calls, write professional emails…or any other objectives you have. 

Conversation / Pronunciation

You have already reached a certain level and want to keep the language going? We help you speak like a native by focusing on your pronunciation and the use of idiomatic expressions.


We use a coaching approach to help you reach your goals and increase your level of confidence.

Because we do not all have the same ways of learning, motivations and aspirations, and because we naturally progress at a different pace in various areas, a “one size fits all” language course cannot fully respond to an individual’s needs.

Language coaching means tailor-making and adapting to the coachee while using coaching techniques to help them learn more efficiently. It is based on a highly individualized and personalized process. Our method is greatly inspired by the Neurolanguage Coaching® concept, developed by Rachel Marie Paling about 10 years ago.