Improve the Language Skills of your Staff

Grow your Competitiveness!

Do you need to train employees locally or globally? Are you looking for tailor-made, efficient and cost-effective programs?

Our language experts will coach your employees online so they can better fit their learning into their busy schedule!

You can also opt for a blended solution that combines live virtual sessions with in-house training.


Key Benefits


Simplified Logistics

Your collaborators meet their language coach whenever and from wherever they want. Our interactive classrooms are accessible from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone


Progress Tracking

Each participant receives customized assignments after each LIVE session. Progress is measured according to international standardsand follow-up reports are sent to your HR Team


Challenge and Motivation : Higher Attendance Rates

Far from traditional teaching styles, our innovative coaching method makes learners feel a lot more engaged in their learning. We get tangible results in a timely manner


Added Value to Your Business

Your company’s operational efficiency is boosted when your collaborators can communicate more easily and effectively with their international peers, clients, patients, and suppliers


Optimized ROI

Our high-quality online coaching solutions allow you to reduce training costs. We assess the language level and needs of your staff and we determine together a program that suits your budget and objectives. 


Stronger Team Spirit

In small group sessions, employees of a similar language level take part in a variety of language activities together. This is a perfect opportunity for colleagues to mingle and to encourage cross-sector collaboration!